Moments That Matter ℠



Apex MediaWire news, sports and entertainment wirephotos appear daily in publications across the globe, both large and small. Click here for a few of our favorite tear sheets through the years.

Moments That Matter

Journalism is the first draft of history and Apex MediaWire photojournalists are the eyes of history — documenting the people who shape our times, and the events and places that define them.

If The Associated Press is “The essential news service,” we’re the indispensable one, providing unique, insightful and timely news and sports wirephotos to publications of all sizes, including those under-served by larger news services.

Apex MediaWire's mission is to enlighten and inform, not influence. We strive to deliver accurate, fair and balanced coverage of world events, primarily focused on events taking place in and affecting the Mid-South region of the United States.

Apex MediaWire wirephotos have been published on three continents and counting, appearing everywhere from major international news magazines like TIME and Businessweek to small local newspapers, TV stations and online news outlets underserved by traditional wire services. Our affordable photo licensing options make it possible for publications of all sizes to unleash the power of visual storytelling to engage and delight their readers.

Good journalism begins with curiosity. Apex MediaWire journalists are inherently curious and it's that curiosity which shapes our coverage. "Without, or with, offense to friends or foes, we sketch your world exactly as it goes," to paraphrase Lord Byron. Our captivating wirephotos offer a fresh perspective on the people and events that shape our times, whether it be world leaders or a demolition derby at a small county fair.

We like to zig when others zag. Apex MediaWire journalists are more interested in introducing you to the mayor of a small Appalachian town you've never heard of than telling you what some celebrity had for breakfast this morning.

Getty Images may “move the world,” but we move the readers they never reach. That small Appalachian town you’d never heard of? One of our photographers might live there.

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I feel it is the heart, not the eye, that should determine the content of the photograph. What the eye sees is its own. What the heart can perceive is a very different matter.


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